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Water quality analysis is an essential task for laboratory technicians and researchers. A key tool for such analyses is the handheld water quality analyzer. This type of device enables users to measure and monitor various water quality parameters accurately and reliably in the field or laboratory setting.

One advantage of today’s handheld water quality analyzers is their ability to diagnose electrode issues automatically. The device can display pH slope and offset values, making it ideal for applications that require highly precise and reliable pH measurement results.

M310F Multi-parameter Analyzer

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When it comes to available measurement units, the analyzer offers various options, including direct reading mode, standard addition mode, sample addition mode, and GRAN mode. Furthermore, it provides support for air-saturated water or zero-oxygen calibration, automatic atmospheric pressure compensation, manual salinity coefficient correction, and selectable pressure units.

The benefits of handheld water quality analyzers do not end with their measurement units. Other advantages include their portability, low power consumption, and user-friendly interfaces. Users can take the device to various sample sites without the need for external power sources or additional equipment.

The primary application of handheld water quality analyzers is in water quality testing, including groundwater, surface water, and treated drinking water. It is useful for detecting and monitoring a wide range of parameters, including pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen (DO), total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity, and temperature.

In terms of measurement accuracy and reliability, handheld water quality analyzers tend to be accurate to a few hundredths or thousandths of a pH unit and provide precise and repeatable results. As a result, they are popular among environmental scientists, water quality specialists, and other field technicians and researchers.

M310F Multi-parameter Analyzer2

Our company’s M310F handheld water analyzer features automatic electrode diagnostics that display pH slope and offset for quick and easy troubleshooting. This user-friendly product is ideal for laboratory technicians and researchers who require accurate and reliable pH measurements.

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