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In recent years,  people have begun to pay more attention to the importance of air quality. To effectively monitor air quality, a portable dust quality detector has been developed that is capable of detecting 0.5um, 1.0um, 2.5um, and 10um dust particles. The detector has two detection modes: quality and quantity detection. In addition to dust particle detection, the detector can also measure temperature and humidity, and can even be expanded to detect gas using up to three additional sensors. 


The applications of portable dust detectors are wide-ranging and can play an important role in protecting public health. For example, in disease control centers, utilizing portable dust detection can help monitor the levels of airborne pathogens and prevent the outbreak of diseases. In the context of public health, portable dust detection can be used by health inspectors to inspect public areas such as schools, hospitals, and restaurants to ensure the safety and health of residents. In addition, portable dust detectors can be used to improve the air quality of homes. This can help reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases and improve the overall health of residents.


Portable dust detectors can also play an important role in environmental monitoring. They can be used in outdoor environments to monitor air quality in cities, neighborhoods, and public spaces. This data can be used to create better environmental policies and improve health outcomes.

OC-300 Laser dust particle detector Features:

Semiconductor technology of ultra low power 32 bit microprocessor, 24 bit ADC acquisition chip, so with the high accuracy.

3.5 inch IPS industrial grade color screen, displaying each parameter.

Channel sizes:0.5um, 1.0um, 2.5um, 10um.

Support the Temperature/ Humidity sensor.

Different mode adjustable: quantity detecting mode and quality detecting mode.

Data logger function, the capacity is 100000 group data.

Optional function of micro printer to print the measurement data.

With the function of overvoltage protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, anti-electrostatic interference, anti-magnetic interference.

Chinese/English operation menu.

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